As a strengthened anti-epidemic control measure to bring peace of mind to all visitors, staff members and tenants, K11 MUSEA is extending its temporary closure to 5 March to carry out deep cleaning and disinfection works in all public areas, ventilation systems, restaurants and shops. We will reopen on 6 March at 12nn. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
3 Most Beautiful Toilets in Hong Kong

Not all loos were created equal. While most public restrooms are simply there for you to do your business, there are a few that come with jaw-dropping interior designs and state-of-the-art amenities that will make you want to stay awhile. In celebration of World Toilet Day on 19 November, we’ve found the most decadent bathroom experiences in Hong Kong for when you’re out on town and caught short. Keep reading for the best places to go when you need to go.


Open exclusively to KLUB 11 Black Card members, K11 MUSEA’s VIP restroom is replete with dazzling water features and lush greenery.

Dubbed the Silicon Valley of Culture, K11 MUSEA immerses visitors in enriching spaces of art and culture – and the bathrooms are no exception. Depending on where you find yourself when nature calls, you’ll have an entirely different experience emptying your bladder. That’s because each K11 MUSEA washroom features a distinct design echoing the theme of the zone it is housed in. 

Out of all the lavishly designed bathrooms, the crème de la crème has to be the VIP restroom with its gushing water features and hanging botanical installations. Open exclusively to KLUB 11 Black Card members, the restroom is tucked behind a private lounge area decorated with modern Danish furniture and a painting by the late American artist Betty Woodman.

Salisbury Garden

Set amidst the tranquil Salisbury Garden, the award-winning Garden Restroom features an undulating green facade and a diagonal pitched roof. (Credit: LAAB and Ronald Lu & Partners)

Reopened in December 2017 following its revitalisation, Salisbury Garden is a world-class harbourfront destination neighbouring Victoria Dockside. Envisioned as a welcoming public space, the lush Tsim Sha Tsui garden provides ample places for visitors to sit and relax, fostering a creative environment and a strong sense of community.

Designed by Hong Kong-based LAAB Architects, the Garden Restroom is the recipient of Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2018. The public lavatory is seamlessly integrated into its natural surroundings with a sprawling green facade and timber-walled exterior, and features a partially exposed roof that allows natural sunlight to stream in during the day. After dark, the structure lights up like a lantern, welcoming visitors with its warm radiance and creating an urban oasis for all to enjoy.


Modelled after first-class cruise cabins, Foxglove’s vintage-inspired bathrooms will take you back in time to the 1950s. (Credit: NC Design & Architecture)

Located in the heart of Central, Foxglove is a speakeasy-style restaurant and bar disguised as an umbrella shop. Designed by award-winning architect Nelson Chow, the venue pays homage to a fictional globetrotting English gentleman with its 1950-inspired interiors, fashioned after first-class airplanes, trains, and vintage cars. The old English theme extends all the way to the bathroom, which draws inspiration from antique cruise cabins. Each stall is tucked discreetly behind a nautical white cabin door and is fitted out with a vintage brass vanity set.